Alka Awathi.jpg


Principal, Mayoor School

Work Experience :  23 Years


Achivements : PGT English -Head Mistress -Vice Principal

Accolades :  Woman of Substance Award
                       Best Teachers Award by Lions Club
                       AWWA Award


Vision : To facilitate all learning at all levels for all age groups.

Pedagogy : It is the "how", the teaching and learning occurs. An effective pedagogy is incorporating an array of teaching strategies that support intellectual engagement ,connect to the wider world and recognition of differences.

I am an Educationist because : I believe that i can "learn". I believe and know what is best for my children-for their academic, social and emotional learning . I believe that  I can talk and walk the school vision. I reach out to others even when they have a differing opinion, which allows me to expand and build perspectives.

In the coming years, I see Indian Education at : In the coming years, I see Indian education with an unprecedented growth- an education system gearing towards skill based learning, research, innovation and creativity to create entrepreneurs, innovators ,artists and thinkers who can establish the foundation of knowledge.

You are an Epitome of Leadership : I am a leader who leads by example, tries to do the right thing, no matter the circumstance. I am approachable as people come to me with questions, concerns or criticism. At the same time, I make people feel challenged and accept their opinions and ideas. Above all, I "listen" and  then respond.  


Footprints / Legacy that you leave behind : I would leave a legacy which would positively impact the world - A leader not only in career but also in life - the one who strove to put a smile on the faces of the people.