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Principal, Presidium School, Gurugram

Work Experience :  30 Years

Achivements : • A seasoned professional with nearly 24 years of rich, in-depth and extensive experience in General Administration, Planning and Management, Training & Development, Educational Assessment, Examination Control.
• Presently associated with Presidium Gurgaon, Mayfield Gardens, Gurgaon as Principal.
• Previously worked with G.D Goenka Public School, VasantKunj, New Delhi as PGT Economics.
• Strategist & implementer with expertise in managing entire operations.
• A proven record of accomplishment of significant improvising in the learning process and maintaining a positive work environment.
• Dedicated and self-motivated leader with proficiency in handling the administrative activities, entailing faculty training and upholding organizational objectives & aspirations.
• Design and implementation of new courses/ curriculum, ameliorating revenues and developing new infrastructures.
• Proficient in developing & streamlining systems with proven ability to enhance operational effectiveness and meet operational goals within the cost, time & quality parameters.
• Successful in building and developing school’s name by undertaking several unique initiatives.
• Comprehensive understanding of education regulations & compliance norms.
• Possess excellent communication with exceptional interpersonal, problem solving, leadership and team-building skills. Comfortable interacting with multiple levels of organization.


Accolades :  

  • Model United Nations – (MUN) Coordinator

  • Attended Various National and International MUN’s along with students.

  • Won best delegation UN Headquarters: New York, Sri Lanka, DPS, Amity, Ryan MUN.

Vision : My Vision is not to set tall largest, but to make a conscious endeavor  to transcend the status quo. – Where schools will have an established standard of excellence and work ethics.
The most important aspect would be a sensitive approach to lead to greater curricular coherence, character building, work ethos and academic achievement.
My vision is ensure the academic success of my students and to ensure that they translate their signatures into autographs. Above all I have a vision to see that each employee is economically empowered.

Pedagogy : When we talk about pedagogy it is important to have discipline that deals with theory and practical of Teaching, that they influence students learning.
An interactive approach and application based learning, should be so incorporated that it is oriented to encourage participatiive learning.
Due emphasis on technological skills and computers should be kept in mind. Pedagogy should cater to the needs of the child of the 21st Century.

I am an Educationist because : I am a fervent educationist as I have deep-rooted commitment to the field of education. I believe in providing my students and faculty members, with cutting edge technology.
I discreetly and effectively deal with day-to-day disciplinary issues. I work effectively, detailing all my strategies for all that I undertake to do.
As a true educationist, I am well-versed with the fact that education is ever – evolving.

In the coming years, I see Indian Education at : The Top. We as educationists are aiming at a system with the future ethos of being delinked from any ideology, like the job markets.
Serious revamping of curriculum, beyond current content and teacher – driven, would surely ensure effective results.
These changes beings incorporated in the Indian education system will aim at creating elite cores like IAS, IFS and entrepreneurs.
Through top class training academics and academicians.

You are an Epitome of Leadership : I am still achieving, still persevering and touching more and more lives by the day. Though I trust no future however pleasant yet I have firm resolutions and work towards affecting the outcome of the future of students and teachers. This, I feel is the very epitome of a leader. I have a discreet approach and follow hierarchy to ensure fair distribution of work. The intrinsic qualities that I harbour are to engage with my work make all feel welcome and I am deeply committed to my cause.
I look into the welfare and concern of each and every member. Above all “ In all things, I glorify god.”

Footprints / Legacy that you leave behind : Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime and departing, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time.
In the capacity of a Principal, I would take with me only memories and leave behind footprints, that I passed by however briefly. I would like to be remembered for noble actions and leaving behind a legacy.
There are powers far beyond us and visions far more vast. These can be achieved only if we walk a righteous path.

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