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Principal, The Deens Academy, Bengaluru

Work Experience :  27 Years

Achivements : Well known school turn-around specialist
Proven instances of students' positive behavioural changes

Accolades : 

#Chairperson's Appreciation Amity 2016
#Nominated Hindustan Times Woman of substance 2013
#Hindustan Times Woman of substance 2012
#Education Excellence Award Global Achievers Foundation 2013
#Bhavishyajyoti scholarship NIIT
#Best Performance Award Interstate Karate Championship
#Gold Medal Kendriya Hindi Samanway Samiti

Vision : To raise a generation that is morally upright, physically healthy, mentally stimulated, socially productive and spiritually enlightened

Pedagogy : A range of pedagogy must  be judiciously employed depending on the topic to be taught, ground condition of the classroom, level of the learner etc. But what remains most efficacious is the pedagogy that is empathetic and makes an emotional connect with the students.

I am an Educationist because : I chose education for my calling because I have an innate knack at simplifying topics and explaining efficiently. I realized it early on. I considered it my duty to use my gift for the greater benefit of the next generation.

In the coming years, I see Indian Education at : We are already a force to be reckoned with. The international educators that I have interacted with, look upon us as their competitors in terms of school education. But there is no denying that we need to work harder in certain other segments viz. rural schools, state owned schools, higher education.

You are an Epitome of Leadership : My style of leadership is democratic and marked by respect for all stake holders, empathy for teammates, courage to innovate, flexibility to adapt, ability to inspire, tenacity to excel, perseverance to succeed and unflinching faith in the Almighty.

Footprints / Legacy that you leave behind : I will leave behind a legacy of positivity, exuberance, creativity,  innovation, excellence and selfless service.

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