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Principal, Grand Columbus International School, Faridabad

Work Experience :  26 Years

Achivements : Top CBSE results,written a reference book for class 12, a book on NTSE,hold training sessions,planning curriculum,ace staff management,delivering academic excellence.

Accolades :  Best teachers award for 5 consecutive years,Rotary club Best Teachers Award,Lions Club Best Educator Award,India Publishing House recogninized n honored for the services in education.

Vision : To facilitate education in a way that children learn .Each child to be considered as unique personality.Where the school is a second home .Teachers love their work .

Pedagogy : To each to his own way of learning.Scores are not the only was to assess a childs growth.

I am an Educationist because : I understand that education makes a man.

In the coming years, I see Indian Education at : I see a huge change coming in the education system  It will change for better.


You are an Epitome of Leadership : The staff,students and parents move in unison towards the best of gen next.

Footprints / Legacy that you leave behind : Education which makes one compassionate and wise.

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