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Principal, Bal Bharati Public School

Work Experience :  42 Years


Achivements : • Master  Trainer for C.B.S.E. for the C.C.E. Programme.

• Member of the Academic Support Group, Directorate of Education, NCT Delhi

• Member of the CBSE Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) Core Team for Training, Monitoring and Mentoring.

• Member of the CBSE Sports & Games Core Committee, 2013.

• Member of the ASSOCHAM Committee on Education and ASSOCHAM committee on Renewable Energy.

• Member of the Core Committee to plan the programme for Principals with IIM, Ahmedabad Faculty.

• Member of the Academic Affairs Committee 2012-2014, Haryana School Education Board, Bhiwani.

• Member of District Level Committee for recommending the names of the teachers for National Award 2012 constituted by The Directorate of Education, NCT, Delhi.

• Member of the Committee constituted at Police Station Mangol Puri, Delhi to look into the the matters related to the issues / complaints of public, particularly of women as well as of weaker sections.

Brought Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura to the first position in the North Zone in HT C-Fore Survey.

Enabled the school to secure the first position in sports for three consecutive years.

CBSE results have been among top ten in the latest board examinations.

In addition, Mrs. Meenu Goswami has attended and conducted various workshops on different facets of School Education.

Accolades :  Been awarded Dr. Radha Krishnan Memorial National Teacher’s Award on 4th September 2010 at a function held at Constitution Club of India on the eve of 123rd anniversary of Teacher’s Day.  

Been awarded with the prestigious NATIONAL AWARD FOR TEACHERS 2007, Conferred by the Ministry of HRD and Government of India for her excellent contribution in field of Education.

Been awarded the Best Innovative Principal (North Zone) by the EDUCOMP India Today Educational Excellence Awards (2015-16)

Recognized by the British Council International School Awards (2015-18) for Leading the Integration of International Learning in the School.


Vision : To create a school system that aims at the holistic development of the students, enabling them to be a dynamic workforce of the future society.

To train the teachers to be highly empathetic professionals who are ready to cater to the individual needs of their learners. To encourage the teachers to develop an emotional bond with each learner and help shape each child into a confident, socially well-adjusted individual.

To propagate an atmosphere of  hands-on learning where the children learn through simulation and develop the traits of critical thinking, problem solving and experiential intelligence.

To provide a learning environment to the children that imparts education to them using their natural instincts, aptitude and predisposition. To strengthen a learning environment that encourages active learning and aims to attain permanent learning and move away from traditional, banal teaching methods.

To provide quality holistic education that connects the students to their cultural roots, Indian ethos and values.

To foster the qualities of sensitivity to one’s environment, respect for other forms of life and their habitats, respect for all and universal brotherhood through helping the students stay in touch with their heritage and sensitizing them to the impact of their actions on the other components of their environment.

Pedagogy : I believe in a pedagogy that incorporates an array of teaching strategies that support intellectual engagement, connection to the wider world and supportive classroom environment. I believe in my children and strive to bring out the best in them through positive reinforcement, appreciation and encouragement. It is important to instill a sense of security in the students by letting them know that an adult has faith in their ability to achieve great things. The students need to be given partial control of their learning to foster self-confidence. The pedagogical practices should be such that they promote the well-being of the students, teachers and the school community. They should build community confidence in the quality of teaching and learning in the school. 

I am an Educationist because : A few of my teachers left a lasting impact on my psyche and sensitized me towards the immensely important role of a mentor in a child’s life. I believe that a teacher has immense power to influence the young minds and inspire them to develop into confident, fully-functional and sensitive adults. All children can benefit from a compassionate facilitator who lovingly guides them and nudges them in the correct direction while encouraging them and instilling in them the ability to have faith in themselves and expect great things from themselves. I strive to provide a platform to students that lets them explore their many talents and finally, develop into competent adults who will contribute meaningfully to the society in the years to come.

In the coming years, I see Indian Education at : A point where the students are provided with a loving environment that nurtures them holistically, encourages curiosity and facilitates learning by exploration and discovery. The teachers and students should be able to share an amicable relationship, having embarked on a journey of learning together, rejoicing at every milestone that the students attain and helping each-other be better human beings along the way. An effort needs to be made to link classroom learning to the real world so that the students are informed about the usefulness of all that they are learn and how it can be put to use to the best of their abilities in order to prove their mettle and establish their usefulness in the real world. The teachers constantly need to ensure that the traits of childlike inquisitiveness and exploration are kept alive in the students so that they can use their natural tendencies to facilitate the process of learning with ease and joy.

You are an Epitome of Leadership : When you are responsible for a team of people, it is important to raise the bar higher. Your team is a reflection of yourself and if you make honest, sincere and ethical behavior a key value, your team will follow suit. This is what we have always believed in, at Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura. By emphasizing high standards, listing values and core beliefs, I promote and encourage my team to live up to these standards and help create a friendly and helpful work space. 

Footprints / Legacy that you leave behind : A teacher’s greatest mark of success is her students. I aim to facilitate holistic development of my students so that they are able to function to the best of their mental, emotional and physical competence in the coming times. I wish to leave behind a legacy of socially well-adjusted adults who are self-aware, utilize their strengths to benefit the society consistently and strive to better their shortcomings continuously. My emphasis is on instilling a strong moral code in the children so that along with being competent goal-driven resources, they are able to interact with their environment from a place of love, compassion and empathy.

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