Mrs. Aparna Seebaluck

Principal, Cambridge School

Work Experience :  23 Years


Achivements : Believes in holistic development of every child.  Introduced Smart Classes, Green School Project, Clean School Project, Special classes for underprivileged children from nearby areas, Experiential Learning, Circle Teaching, Role Play, Theatre in Education, Made school IT enabled with ERP etc.  We are collaborating with Japan Foundation.  Working with NGOs like Chintan, Red Cross etc.

Accolades :  School won Green School of the year award

Vision : My vision is to create responsible, ethical, secular, educated citizens who shall strongly lay emphasis on the school motto “ We Learn to Serve”


Pedagogy : The purpose of education is to create moral ethical and secular values with a strong understanding on the heritage and culture.  Learning happens at its best by doing.  Experiential learning is the focus.


I am an Educationist because : I love teaching.  Teaching is not only my passion it is heart and soul for me.


In the coming years, I see Indian Education at : Its best and the people have started thinking and implementing about reforms of the higher education needs to be practical and must be oriented towards skill development.


You are an Epitome of Leadership : A leader should innovate new methods and make everyone work happily and achieve organizational objectives.


Footprints / Legacy that you leave behind : Systematic planning and structuring will make the way easy for successors.  Honesty, sincerity and truthfulness will be remembered for long.