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Principal, Amity International School, Noida

Work Experience :  -

Achivements :

• Amity International School, Noida was  shortlisted among the top 20 schools of the country out of 9000 participants, and was  felicitated by Engineering Watch, a prestigious magazine dedicated to the Engineering community. The prestigious School Summit, was chaired by the Honourable cabinet minister in the Ministry of External Affairs,  Mr Salman Khurshid.
• Newspaper Surveys:
• According to the Times School Survey,2016 conducted in each zone of Delhi, NCR, covering 960 institutions, Amity International School, Noida was declared the no.1 leader school of the Noida zone.
• Amity Noida Ranks 16th in India’s Best Co-Ed Day Schools
• Amity International School, Noida has been ranked 16th among India’s Best Co-ed Day Schools by C Fore Education World Survey 2012. We also stand 8th in the Delhi NCR schools and 2nd in Noida.
• The parameters under which the 1.4 Million Schools were ranked range from Teacher Welfare and Development, Competence of Faculty, Co-curricular education, Sports education, Life Skills education, Special Needs, Infrastructure to Community service.
• The School has been ranked 2nd in Noida and 15th in Delhi / NCR top 20 Schools list according to 2013 Times C fore Schools survey published in Hindustan times. The schools were analyzed on parameters such as extracurricular activities, individual attention to students, teacher care and development.
• "Wolves of D-Street" representing Amity International School, Noida, stood second in the world round of the prestigious KWHS (KNOWLEDGE @ WHARTON HIGH SCHOOL) INVESTMENT COMPETITION -2016, held at the University of Wharton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. on 29th April, 2016.

• Another great success of Amity, Noida is the NASA Regional  Space Settlement Programme . The team from Amity, Noida represented India in the Finals of this grand NASA event at Texas in July, 2015 and were the winners, World Finalists.

• Srijon Mukherjee has won a Gold Medal in the prestigious  USA Physics   Olympiad, Selected for USA Mathematical Olympiad summer Camp, He shall be representing India at the International Olympiad for Astro Physics & Astronomy 2016
• Akshat Mittal of class VIII from Amity Noida, accomplished a commendable feat by designing a website ODD-EVEN.COM which aims to help commuters partake in carpooling. The website works on algorithms based on the age, gender, profession and timings of commuters to travel.

• Amity, Noida put up an excellent performance at the Delhi State Chess Championship, 2015 .In this prestigious tournament championship held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Amity, Noida was declared the Champion of this event as the amitians remained unbeaten in all the 5 rounds.

• In the World Food Day Poster Contest, International Level organized by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Nysha Prakash of class 5 , received an International Level, Special Mention Award
Our academic results too shine with no less brilliance!



Our students put up a 100 per cent result. Infact, out of the 408 candidates who appeared in the senior secondary examination, 406 students secured first divisions, 181 students scored above 90 % and there were 365 distinctions. Paridhi Sachdeva topped in the science stream with 97.4%, Unnati Aggarwal topped in the Commerce stream with 97.4% and our humanities topper was Rakshit Malik who scored 97.4%. We are proud to share that Rakshit was also 3rd on an All India level. Many of our students scored marks in the 98 – 99 % bracket, while our 100 out of 100 list has a whooping number of 30 students. Shubham Jain scored a full 100 in accountancy, Anchit Tandon in chemistry, Ayushi Saxena in Mathematics, Gaurvan in Business Studies, Rakshit Malik in History. We also had 2 hundred scorers in Home Science, 4 in Psychology, 2 in Painting, 1 in P.ed and 10 in sculpture.


The class 10 result of 2015-16 too has been commendable. The result was of course again a 100 %  result. Now here, out of the 414 candidates who appeared in the exam, 278 candidates scored a perfect 10 c.g.p.a. I am delighted to share that the school’s average CGPA was a whooping 9.88.

Accolades :  
1. Principal Mrs Renu Singh  was selected by the CBSE, for the National Award to teachers for the year 2009. She received this award from Mr Kapil Sibal, The Honorable Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Govt of India for her contribution in the field of  Secondary Education.
2. Principal Mrs Renu Singh was conferred with the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Achievement Award for the invaluable contribution rendered by her to Amity International School, Noida. She received this felicitation from The All India  Congress Social Organisation.
3. Best Teacher’s Award  was conferred on her by the  Lion’s Club.
4. Navrattan Samman  Award was bestowed on her by the Navratan Society.

Vision : I believe that Education is a holistic experience that synergises the growth of body, mind and spirit. The Founder President of Amity Universe, Dr Ashok K Chauhan and the  Chairperson of the Amity Group of Schools,Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan have always desired to nurture and prepare generations of individuals as the-torch-bearers of tomorrow, who, believe in the strength of their convictions and take pride in being Indian. Our Founder President Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, is a truly awakened soul who has been able to predict the future trends concisely and accurately. An invincible thinker he turns every crisis or hardship into a continuous series of opportunities in accord with his vision to see India as a knowledge super power by 2030. As a recognition of this spirit, several prestigious awards have been bestowed upon him
           The chairperson of the Amity Group Of Schools, Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan  too ,with her inventive mind and ingenious ways ,has translated his vision of meaningful school education into reality. She is an embodiment of goodness and humility and her list of awards and recognitions bear testimony to the same. I would like to share very proudly that Dr Amita Chauhan was felicitated with the Young Entrepreneur Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Nation in the field of Education by Respect Age International for her unparalleled contribution in nation building. She has also been honoured with the prestigious XX National Excellence Awards for her immense contribution in the field of Education and Cultural Heritage for past twenty years by the T.P.Jhunjhunwala Foundation as well as the “Outstanding Women Achievers” Award by Indian Council of Human Relations.
It is due to the forward and futuristic outlook of these two grand pillars of Amity, that all courses at Amity International School, Noida are dynamic and futuristic; therefore, we have realized the need to implement technology in all areas of the functioning of the school.
The key contribution of IT to education is that it can allow the student's interests, needs, strengths, and weaknesses to drive the learning process, with the instructor facilitating rather than dictating

Pedagogy : • I truly believe that each child entrusted to me will receive education in its finest form. I function with the  awareness  that learning is a lifelong process and, therefore, students need to be  motivated to challenge their hidden potential.
At Amity we endeavour to empower our students with these new ways of education. In particular, we believe that IT is enabling the emergence of a new kind of pedagogy that is focused on meeting individual needs of students. The school website is another step forward on an IT-enabled approach and marks a departure from the conventional pedagogy in which all students were treated more or less alike.

I am an Educationist because :Educationists are the future architects of any society. An educationist provides thoughts to the youth to work on. Today's society format reveals that we have strayed from the right path somewhere along the way. One wonders what should be done for betterment of the future society and that is our current challenge. I feel that a blend of our heritage along with the latest technology ,is the answer to this crisis and at Amity that is exactly what is being done.


In the coming years, I see Indian Education at : Although the future is uncertain, still one can predict it. If we talk about the future scenario of Indian education it seems quite encouraging. The way, in which the reformation in the education sector is being carried out, there is no doubt that the education scenario of the country, will change very soon. Starting from the primary education system, the government is now taking various steps to universalize the elementary education in the country. Various non government organizations (NGOs) have also come forward to join the revolution. At the higher level of education too significant changes have taken place in the system. In fact in the past few years, the scientific and technological developments in the country have received international attention and the future sure seems bright.


You are an Epitome of Leadership : Well, leadership to me, means supporting and building a strong team, in order to achieve a common goal. A leader is essentially a deep thinker who has the capability to inspire the team with an idea and take everybody together,uphill, in this task of creating value in the organization or society at large.

Footprints / Legacy that you leave behind : I want to share that the prime strength of my organization AIS, Noida , is that it holds deep respect for the innate potential  of each of it’s students. Therefore, it passionately aspires to nurture and harness the inherent talent of each single child which enters it’s domain, so as to produce great visionary leaders of tomorrow, who shall make the nation proud with their drive for excellence in diverse spheres of human concern and at the same time shine luminously with virtues and values acquired from ancient Indian wisdom. This is the legacy I want to leave behind.

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