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Principal, Whitefield Global School

Work Experience :  38 Years

Achivements : - Changed an under-performing school for poor in Mumbai into an international award winning school
- Trained, coached and guided first generation learners to get several state, national and international awards and accolades
- Created hundreds of education leaders in numerous schools across India
- Conceptualized and created innovative teaching-learning methodologies and techniques for K-12 schools
- Trained thousands of teachers in latest teaching techniques across the country
- Created brands for some large schools through various flagships and ‘trademark’ programs and events
- Conducted numerous career guidance, counseling and skill-based training sessions for senior secondary students of government secondary schools in several states
- As President of Rotary Club, took special interest in uplifting education standards and environment of government school children in and around Bangalore  


Accolades :

 - Won Outstanding Educator Gold Award for the Mumbai region

- Honoured with Indian Air Force Commandant's Commendation

- Selected to represent the K-12 education domain from thousands of aspiring women educators across the country and to be trained under the prestigious Goldman Sachs-ISB Women Empowerment program.

Vision : - To uplift teaching from a being a Profession to a Mission
- To inspire every teacher to celebrate their profession, every child to enjoy learning
- To turn education in to a profession of choice for the current and future generation of Indian and global youth

Pedagogy :

# Adapt available technologies, competencies and resources to shape and create teaching methodologies that would put the child right in the middle of the teaching-learning systems.
# Make learning fun to the child by leverage games like football or cricket to teach geometry, dance forms like salsa or classical dance to teach India's physical features, "Avadhanam" technique to teach language enhancement.

I am an Educationist because : It helps me relive my childhood every waking moment. It keeps me ever youthful, zestful and child-like even in the testing times and help me learn all the time.

In the coming years, I see Indian Education at : Indian education system is coming face to face with an exciting possibility of a grand amalgamation of traditional Indian education that instills human values and the western education that instills the spirit of scientific inquiry.  When this happens, India will truly be a global leader not just in education but in all walks of life. 

You are an Epitome of Leadership : 

# I believe in what I say and do what I believe
# I always walk the talk.
# I aspire and strive to create more leaders in my domain of expertise without a modicum of fear of competition
# I believe knowledge share is knowledge multiplied and therefore use every opportunity to share what I know.
# I do not miss any opportunity to learn something new even in fields other than education
# Through my continual learning and interactions, I keep myself abreast of the changes on the horizon and prepare to embrace them well in time.

Footprints / Legacy that you leave behind : 

# My far-reaching and futuristic views of education
# Making school a happy learning experience for the children
# Creating education value system that is truly centered around the child
# Creating leaders that would carry this legacy
# My enthusiasm and exuberance for the cause of education and the children

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