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Principal, The Deens Academy, Bengaluru

Work Experience :  27 Years

Achivements : • Lends her experience of designing and delivering learning and training programmes to MNTTA, a teacher training institute at Bangalore, as its principal consultant.
• Has penned many articles addressing parents and teacher trainees related to children, their growth and learning processes.
• Presented a paper on Effective Assessment Systems, at the 4th International Conference – Systems and Processes for High Performing School in 2012
• Has been featured in Elets News Network (ENN) – 1st October 2012 – In an interview with Amriteshwar Pathak, she shares her insights on various aspects of education and the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT’s)
• Has Featured in the Mentor Magazine – Vicissitude 2013 
• DigiLearning magazine has carried an interview with her
• Has been featured in the ‘Assetscope’.
• ‘Mentor’, a magazine that addresses school principals and educators,  has featured Shanthi as its cover story.
• Her article on Sports in Education has been featured in IDA.
• Has presented papers on various education related subjects including assessment and technology in classrooms, at various national and international forums.
• Speaker at Train the Trainer programme for ACT
• A trained Bharatanatyam and Mohiniattam dancer
• Has been an auditioned A- grade artist at Doordarshan, Chennai.
• Trained in carnatic music
• A creative artist and painter

• 2009 – Headlamp – The Teacher Foundation – at Bangalore
• 17th January 2011 – 21st January 2011 - Strategic Management and Leadership for Principals of CBSE schools – at IIFT, Kolkata Centre
• 22nd August 2011 – 26th August 2011 - Strategic Leadership Programme (Capacity Building Programme for CBSE – Affiliated Schools) – at Educational Technology and Management Academy, Gurgaon
• 27th January 2012 – The Howard Gardner India Tour, Bangalore Talk – ‘Creativity and Genius / Good Work’ – at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
• 10th– 11th November 2012 – 4th International Conference – Systems and Processes for High Performing School – Using Assessments Effectively – An integrated Systems Approach - at EduExcellence, Hyderabad
• 16th November 2012 – 18th November 2012 – Mentor Conclave 2012 – Questioning & C0 – Creating Education – at J.N. Tata Auditorium, National Scientific Seminar Complex, Indian Institute of Science Campus, Bangalore
• 15th December 2012 – Pedagogy, Teacher Quality and Inclusivity – Implementation Challenges at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
• 2013 – International Education Summit, Adhyapan - at Bangalore
• 2nd August 2013 – 4th August 2013 – ‘Management Imperatives For Education Institution’ –  at Atria Hotel, Bangalore
• 2014 – Think CIQ
• 17th September 2014 – 19th September 2014 – Capacity Building Programme on ‘Effective School Management and Leadership Skills’ conducted by the Energy and Resource Institute, at Army Public School, Bangalore
• 4th July 2016 - Workshop regarding Leadership in Future Schools, DPS, Bangalore
• 22nd July 2016 - CBSE Centre of Excellence (COE) - Attended the workshop conducted by Dr. Manulal for Principals of CBSE affiliated schools in Bengaluru & neighbouring Districts-reg at Sri Kumaran Children's Home, Mallasandra to equip the teachers & Principals with skills and competencies to effectively transact challenging content areas and also to motivate them to deliver quality education
• 8th, 9th & 10th August 2016 - CBSE workshop for Teachers in CCE (Co-Scholastic) - Capacity Building Programme on Co-Scholastic Aspects of ‘Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation’ at Bangalore
• 18th & 19th September - Think CIQ 2016 - Emerging Practices in Education at Sheraton Grand, Brigade Gateway, Bangalore
• 25th November 2016 – Big Four - A corporate wellness programme conducted by Columbia Asia Hospitals
• 28th November 2016 – Board meeting with Scholastic MD – What Kids Are Reading -Kids and Family Reading Report India conducted by Scholastic at ITC Windsor, Bangalore
• 10th December 2016 - Panel Speaker at the 4th National Conference on K-12 Leadership 2016-17 at The Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore - ‘Educating for making lifelong learners: Is it sustainable to develop a career for kids?’
• International Principal's Conference 2017 - 2nd to 5th February, 2017 in Bangkok - 8th Principals’ Conference South Asia organised by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore on ‘Risks and Chances in digital classroom’. The conference aimed at widening the school network and strengthening the connections amongst all our partner schools in different countries

• Award of recognition for her contribution to society, on the occasion of Womens’ Day, 2011, by His Excellency Dr Joseph V G, Honorary Counsel of the Republic of Maldives in Bangalore in partnership with The Garden City College, Bangalore.
• ‘Ideal Principal Award 2011’ by Akhil Bharatiya Nagrik Vikas Kendra, Aurangabad.
• ‘Excellent Educator’ by the International Institute of Education and Management, Delhi
• Award for Education Excellence 2011 from the Economic Development Forum and the Indian Achievers Forum, New Delhi.
• Conferred the Women Leadership & Innovation Awards in the category of education, from the International Women Leadership Forum, in April 2013.
• Recipient of the ‘Chanakya Award for The Best Principal 2013, jointly presented to her by Education World and The Bangalore School.
• ‘Ideal Principal Award 2014’ by Akhil Bharatiya Nagrik Vikas Kendra, Aurangabad.
• ‘Ideal Principal Award 2015’ by Akhil Bharatiya Nagrik Vikas Kendra, Aurangabad
• Certificate of Recognition, Innovative School – Microsoft Partners in Learning Innovative School Workshop – Innovative School Program and School Leaders Community for Leading change
• Winner in the category of Vision and Leadership – 2014 – 2015 presented by IBCI School Brilliance Awards 2015
• Life Time Education Achievement Award, 2015’ - International Institute of Education and Management, Delhi

• Sirigannada Prakashana Chitradurga Certificate for School 2013 for the Best School Award in the State Level
• ’Best School Award – 2014’ by Akhil Bhartiya Nagrik Vikas Kendra (All India Citizens Development Centre)
• Winner in the category of Vision and Leadership – 2014 – 2015 presented by IBCI School Brilliance Awards 2015
• Awarded ‘India’s Top 20 CBSE Schools in 2015 - Ranked No. 3 in Bangalore and Ranked No. 10 in India for exemplary contribution to the Education Field’ presented by Education Today
• ‘School Excellence Awards – Top 20 CBSE Schools’ in 2015 present by Brainfeed in recognition of School vision and mission in imparting life changing learning opportunities and pre-eminence as a beacon of change for the future generation
• First Runner – Ignite your minds – The Leadership Event - Quest 2015 – Organised by Global Awareness Program (GAP)
• Education Today - India's School Merit - 2016 - 17 - At the 4th National School Merit Awards and Conference on K12 leadership by Education Today held at the Chancery Pavilion in Bangalore Deens Academy was ranked No. 10 in India, No. 3 in Bangalore and No. 3 in Karnataka in the category of the top 10 CBSE schools in India

Vision : I believe that every child has an innate potential. My vision is to help every child realise and achieve his/her potential ​through supportive ​care, such that they become confident and happy beings! 

Pedagogy : The learner should be excited about his/her learning and therefore ​​pedagogical practices should have the fun element, by triggering the curiosity, harnessing innovation and creativity. Pedagogy should veer away from assuming that every child is a product of an assembly line, but should have differentiation, inquiry and self expression built into it!

I am an Educationist because : I believe that there are changes to be made and I can ​​be instrumental in doing so. I feel passionately about the possibilities of the influence a facilitator can have on a learner; about the outcome therefore of the future!

In the coming years, I see Indian Education at : Indian Education is riddled with political influences that could damage what the country already has for centuries. But Indian students, who are innately bright, hardworking ​​and have their hands on the grassroots, will carve for themselves niches in every global sphere. 

You are an Epitome of Leadership : I am a democratic leader. I do not believe that I have all the abilities and answers. But I do believe I can bring together and harness the best strengths in order to deliver and  ​​buttress growth of students under my care. Empowerment of each person within his/her domain, with the adequate amount of backend support , has enabled my team to rise up to every occasion with distinction. I believe in an open door policy and I also believe that I am a learner before a leader.

Footprints / Legacy that you leave behind : I am certain that the culture of hardwork, commitment, belief in the goodness of people, the deeply embedded values of honesty, respect etc, the positive belief that everything will turn out for the best; apart from the experience of joy and warmth that I have build will sustain at Deens Academy. 

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